Asparagus is easily grown in any soil from sandy to heavy clay as long as it is well drained. Space the crowns 12″ apart in rows 8″ deep and 30″ – 36″ apart, and the second spring after planting, you can begin a light harvest.  Read our planting guide for detailed planting instructions.


Jersey Giant – This is an all male hybrid asparagus that produces huge crops of large diameter, very tender spears. This variety begins producing good crops two years after planting, which is half the time required for the old non hybrid strains. Jersey Giant is also more disease resistant than the old varieties. Spears stay tender even when they reach large diameter.  This is a great variety.


Sold in bundles of 25 very large roots for $20.00 each, or 4 bundles (100 roots) for $75.00.

Last Modified on December 17, 2020
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