This year we are happy to offer large, potted blueberry plants. Four different varieties are available that will ripen about 2 weeks apart so you can spread out your harvest over a period of almost two months.

Blueberries are intolerant of high PH soil, and should only be grown in light sandy or organic ground of low PH (5.5 or less, which is very acidic), that drains well. Clay type soils are generally too high in PH to support blueberries, and although I’ve heard of people amending clay with spaghma moss and sand, then adding aluminum sulphate to lower PH, I’m told the plants still grow slowly compared to planting on lighter, more naturally acidic soil.

These blueberry plants are offered in 1 gallon and 2 gallon pots. The 2 gallon plants will generally have fruit on them this summer. The 1 gallon plants will begin producing berries in 1-2 years.  Mature height of plants will be 5′ – 6′  

The best and easiest way to grow blueberries if you don’t have naturally acidic, light soil is cut cut a 55 gallon barrel in half, and bury it in the ground so about two inches of the barrel is above the soil level. Drill six 1/2″ holes in the bottom for drainage. Fill this barrel with half milled spaghma moss and half light black dirt or compost. Mix all together with one pound of powdered aluminum sulfate. Plant your bushes about one inch deeper that they are growing in their pots, water heavily and mulch with several inches of pine needles, wood chips, or leaves.  The end result of all this work, is the plastic barrel keeps the acidic soil in the pot, and does not allow the acid to leach away into the surrounding, high ph soil. Moisture is also retained in the barrel, and the mulch on top eliminates most evaporation. By burying the barrel, the surrounding soil keeps the pot from warming up too fast in the spring, resulting in an early bloom which has an increased chance of freezing. Blueberries have a shallow, fibrous root system which does not spread very far, so the barrel does not restrict the mature size of the bushes. This is the best way to grow blueberries!!!

These are very hardy varieties and will do well anywhere in the lower peninsula of Michigan, and are listed in order of ripening.

Blueberries need at least two different varieties planted near each other for proper pollination.

Patriot – This is the earliest ripening variety producing very large berries of excellent quality, Bush grows 5′-6′ ft tall, and can yield up to 20 pounds of fruit per plant.  Foliage turns a fiery orange in the fall, making it a nice ornamental also.   A great season opener!   Patriot is extremely cold hardy.    SOLD OUT

               Ripens in early – mid July                       2 gallon pot, 18″- 30″ plants are priced at $25.00 each.     


Blue Ray – Is a widely grown variety that ripens a couple weeks after Patriot. Berries are very large, bright blue, and of excellent quality for all uses. Plants reach 5′-6′ tall and can produce 20 pounds of fruit each.  Blue Ray is one of the most planted U-pick varieties in Michigan.  Very cold hardy.    SOLD OUT

                 Ripens later in July                                2 gallon pot, 18″- 30″ plants are priced at $25.00 each.       


Nelson – Is a newer, very hardy variety that ripens about 2 weeks after Blue Ray. Berries are large, dark blue, and good for all purposes. Very productive also, producing 15-18 pounds of fruit per plant. A favorite with U-pick growers! Nelson is extremely cold hardy.     SOLD OUT

                 Ripens early August                           2 gallon pot, 18″- 30″ plants are priced at $25.00 each.


Elliott – this late ripening variety produces large crops of medium sized fruit of excellent quality and flavor. These are our latest ripening variety, so freeze them for the upcoming winter. Elliott is a very popular U-pick variety.   SOLD OUT

              Ripens mid August into September              2 gallon pot, 18″ – 24″ plants are priced at $25.00 each



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