Hardy Kiwis

Hardy kiwis are relatives of the brown, fuzzy kiwis we buy in grocery stores. The fruits however, grow to about 1 1/2″ long, and are completely fuzzless, so they can be eaten right from the vine without peeling. They’re like eating really big green grapes that taste like kiwi.

The vines grow to 20 feet in length, and have nice ornamental value. Female vines produce as much as 100 pounds of fruit when mature, and all kiwis must be grown on a sturdy arbor or trellis. One male vine will pollinate several female vines, but the females will not produce any fruit without a male in the vicinity.

These kiwis are hardy throughout Michigan, and are now being planted as a commercial crop in the state. They are easy to grow, and other that some pruning, require little maintenance.

Meader – a male pollinator for Anna and MSU.  Flowers do not form fruit but are required for pollination of the female plants. One male will pollinate several female vines.   

 M S U – is a female plant producing fine flavored, good sized fruit. can produce 100 pounds of kiwis per plant.    SOLD OUT

 Anna – a female variety that produces heavy crops of beautiful green fruit with a mild pineapple flavor. Fruit grows in clusters like grapes.    SOLD OUT

                                       Plants in 1 gallon pots are priced at $16.00 each.

Last Modified on March 26, 2024
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