Many people don’t realize that nectarines can be grown in Michigan, but they are as easy to grow as peaches. They are also self fertile so only one tree is required to set fruit. These varieties have proven winter hardiness, and the fruit quality has been exceptional in my orchard.  Growing requirements are the same as peaches, any soil that drains well.

Nectarines can be used for the same purposes as peaches including pies, wine making, drying, and canning and freezing for the later varieties.

If you have to peel your peaches because of the fuzz, nectarines are for you.






Arcticglo – is an early ripening white fleshed variety with a near complete bright red skin. This nectarine has a flavor unlike any fruit you’ve ever tasted, it truly defies description, and once folks try this one, they return every year requesting them.   Trees are rapid growing, very productive and have good cold hardiness.  

Ripens mid July


Fantasia – this is a very large variety that is half red over yellow. This is the latest nectarine to ripen, with excellent, sweet yellow flesh that can also be canned or frozen. A few years back a customer brought me a bottle of wine made from Fantasia’s, it was some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted.   Very productive tree. Freestone fruit reaches 3″ in diameter.  Although a California developed variety, has done great in Michigan for decades.

    Ripens in late August – early September


Flavortop – is a large, oval shaped nectarine with beautiful yellow skin half covered by a bright red blush. Freestone flesh is firm, juicy, and sweet with just a bit of nectarine tang. This excellent variety is not as cold hardy as some of our other nectarines, so plant in the southern half of the lower peninsula or near a great lake. 

Ripens in mid August


Hardired – is the most cold hardy nectarine offered. It was developed in Ontario, Canada and has proven itself to be a reliable producer in less than ideal midwest and northeast growing conditions. The freestone fruits are of medium size, mostly red skinned, and have a delicious sweet flavor. Hardired trees set huge amounts of flowers, and fruit must be thinned early to achieve good size and prevent breaking the tree apart.  The best choice for northern parts of Michigan.   SOLD OUT

Ripens mid – late August


Independence – this is our earliest ripening yellow fleshed nectarine and is a great season opener. This is the prettiest nectarine you can grow with sunshine yellow skin overlaid with generous amounts of cherry red . It also has excellent quality, firm and juicy yellow flesh with the perfect amount of nectarine tang that ripen late in July.  A great variety with strong growing, hardy trees.   SOLD OUT

Ripens late July



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