Plums are another fruit that you just have to pick ripe from your tree to know their true flavor. We offer a long season of varieties that will keep you in fresh plums for most of the summer.

We offer both European (prune type) plums and Japanese plums. Prune plums are blue to purple in color, oblong in shape, and have fine grained, sweet, green-yellow flesh. They are used for canning, drying, jam and jelly, wine making, and fresh eating.  Japanese plums are the type you buy in the grocery store. They are very sweet and juicy and are used for fresh eating, jam and jelly, canning, and wine making.

Plums grow to a height of 10-14 feet, and most varieties need to be pruned each spring to keep the trees to an easy to manage size. They can be grown on any well drained soil, and will begin producing fruit in 2 – 3 years.

New York-9, is self fertile and will set fruit with only one tree. Please pay close attention to the pollination requirements listed for each of the other varieties.                    




New York-9 (Stanley)– the best known prune plum with blue-purple skin and fine grained green-yellow flesh. Medium size fruit can be used for drying, canning, homebrew, or fresh eating. This variety is much less susceptible to black knot disease (black cankers on branches) than Stanley is.  A very reliable producer in Michigan.  New York-9 is self fertile, and will set fruit with only one tree.  Will not pollinate Japanese plums.    SOLD OUT

            Ripens in early September




Fortune – is a very large, excellent flavored dark red plum with sweet, juicy, yellow-orange flesh. This is the largest variety we offer and is a top seller at farm markets and roadside stands. Fortune requires pollination from another Japanese plum variety, and ripens late in the season. A great plum !!!         SOLD OUT

Ripens late August


Ruby Queen – a medium – large dark red plum with excellent quality, very sweet, juicy, and freestone red flesh. This variety does great in midwest growing regions, and is much more productive and disease resistant than western developed varieties like Santa Rosa.  Requires pollination by another Japanese plum variety.      SOLD OUT

                                                                                                                               Ripens late August – early September                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Shiro – this is an early ripening Japanese plum of medium size with yellow skin and very sweet, juicy yellow flesh. Shiro is easy to grow because the tree naturally grows low and wide. Tree has to be pollinated by another Japanese plum.   Widely grown in Michigan. Trees are very productive.         SOLD OUT

             Ripens in late July

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