Spruce, Cedar, Pine, & Fir trees

For 2024 we are offering large, transplant size, conifer trees. With proper care and watering these trees will be large enough for Christmas tree use in 6-7 years, and will form a wind-break in a few more years. They are priced in their descriptions along with the size of the stock.

WHITE SPRUCE – This is a native Michigan spruce that have blunt, blue to green needles. White spruce have more of a pyramidal shape than Blue spruce, and make an excellent windbreak species because the branches will grow into each other to form a dense row without dropping their needles from being shaded. They are also the most tolerant of soil and site conditions of all the spruces. It’s nearly impossible to kill them from drought or drowning once established. Growth rate is moderate to fast, and White spruce makes an excellent Christmas tree with good needle retention. Mature height is 50ft, and trees are hardy and found naturally growing throughout Michigan.    

                                               18“- 24” trees are priced at $7.00 each.

NORWAY SPRUCE – This variety is native to Europe, and is a very large, majestic tree with pendulous branches that curve back up at the tips. I’ve seen specimens in Michigan that were 100′ tall and 40′ wide. Color is medium green, and Norways make an excellent specimen or windbreak variety as the branches grow densely into each other without dropping their needles.  This is the fastest growing spruce and can achieve 3′ per year when planted on light, moist soils. Mature height is generally 60′ – 70′. Hardy throughout Michigan                               

                                                18″ – 24″ trees are priced at $7.00 each.

BALSAM FIR – is a native evergreen that is very common across the state. they are widely planted for Christmas tree use, have a wonderful scent and soft, dark green needles that hold for long periods of time on the stiff branches. Balsam Fir is a wonderful landscape tree retaining it dark coloration year around, and is adaptable to most site and soil conditions as long they are not excessively dry. Growth rate is moderate to around 50′ tall. Cold hardy anywhere in Michigan.

                                                12″ – 16″ trees are priced at $7.00 each