Welcome to Maple Grove Orchard

Our website is currently out of date. It will be updated with our huge selection of trees and plants around Christmas time, 2021.  You can email or call in your spring, 2022 order at that time.

We leave this information up for reference of trees and plants you may have previously purchased.

Welcome back to all of our previous customers, and welcome to all of our new ones who are purchasing stock for the first time in 2022. Hopefully this site will be easy to navigate and informative, and offer you a wider selection of varieties and rootstocks than you will find from other suppliers. Even more than just a great selection, we give you the knowledge to make these trees and plants thrive and become productive as soon as possible. The best fruit trees or plants are the ones with fruit on them, not the ones you’re waiting on to produce!!!

This year we are happy to offer over 100 varieties of the WORLDS FINEST fruit trees, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, several other types of fruiting plants, figs, kiwi vines, asparagus crowns, and nut trees.

 We also offer large, transplant size spruce, pine, fir, and cedar trees in 12″-30″ sizes.

These are the trees and plants that orchards and farmers that grow fruit and vegetables for a living plant. This is not the stuff that you get from the chain stores, home improvement places, and mail order catalogs. This is the finest stock available. When you grow fruit for a living, there is no margin for error in the material that you plant, and you only start with the finest. THIS IS THAT STOCK!

The trees are bare-root, dormant trees (not in pots, and no leaves yet) and 4′-6′ in height. The strawberries and asparagus are also bare-root, and sold in bundles of 25 plants each.  All other stock is sold individually, some is potted and some is bare-root.

These trees and plants are available for CUSTOMER PICK-UP ONLY at the orchard near Linwood, Michigan (48634) in Bay County. WE DO NOT SHIP these trees as they are too large for practical shipping methods (most trees are 5′-6′ tall).

In a normal year, stock is ready for pick-up starting the FIRST WEEK IN APRIL. We can arrange about any pick-up time that’s convenient for you, (7 days a week) but your trees and plants must be picked up in April or early May. This dormant stock must be planted before it starts growing. The plants that are potted are available until late May since they can be planted any time.

To place an order, look through the varieties, and call or email to reserve your choices. If you email you must leave a phone number we can contact you at. If you order by email, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. If you don’t, check your spam or junk mail folder.

A deposit of 25% is required on orders over $200.00. The deposit can be paid be credit card or by check.

If you see a variety that you like, reserve it promptly, as we don’t have an unlimited quantity of anything, and they all sell out each year.

Trees and plants not reserved can be purchased on a first come first served basis at the orchard throughout April and early May.

ALL FRUIT TREES ARE PRICED AT $26.00 EACH THIS YEAR.  OTHER PLANTS ARE PRICED IN THEIR DESCRIPTIONS.  6% sales tax applies to all Michigan sales unless you are tax exempt.

For additional information, or to reserve your trees and plants, call Tom at  (989) 948-1175 from 9am. – 9pm. (11am. – 7pm. on Sunday)

 MGORCHARD@AOL.COM  is our email address, Remember to include your phone number.

You will receive an email in early April to arrange a time for you to pick-up your stock. We understand that many parts of Michigan can’t plant until late April or May and will accommodate what works for you.

When it’s time to pick up your trees, a pick-up truck or SUV will be sufficient unless you have a large quantity. The trees are bundled together with the roots in plastic bags.

This website is far from state of the art. We make up for it with personal service and expert advice on growing these plants and trees.




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